Holiday Tablescape Inspired by Mixed Metallics

I absolutely love to create beautiful tablescapes, especially for my clients, the holidays and family gatherings. It’s something about eating at a beautifully decorated table that is just perfect and inviting. This year I decided to mix metallic and texture. I used  gold and silver as my primary colors and for texture, I used burlap and printed napkins with raised gold imprints.

To keep it simple and clean, I started with white china. I know, at this point you are probably thinking this is really neutral, but the white will actually  enhance the metallic colors by making them pop. I folded the silver napkins into a tri-fold, allowing the gold printed design to show. Then I added a sparkly gold ornament for texture and color. I alternated the napkins using silver with gold prints and silver with a white floral print.


For the main centerpiece, I used a speckled silver candelabra with a hurricane vase top and faux greenery. For accent, I used Southern Living at Home tall Chelsea Candle sticks with candles and small candles  to add in variations of height and lighting. The gold burlap table runner is the perfect backdrop for this centerpiece because it adds texture and color to my dining room table as well as being the base for this design.


The key to this tablescape is sticking to a simple palette and using two to three colors. I used gold, silver and white. for the ambiance I used candle light, it’s flattering, simple and elegant. I just love the look of candle light,so much so, I carry that through out my home adding groups of candles to my buffet, side tables and my mantle. To give my festive holiday themed tablescape that holiday season feel, I also use scented candles. It just adds that extra special touch or should I say smell.

I like using pieces that I have around my home, such as mismatched plates, lanterns, fabric and glass or mirrors. It’s really simple to dress your table if you think along the lines of seasonal and festive versus using holiday specific. When you dress your table as festive and seasonal, you can use it through the holidays and not worry about changing it from Thanksgiving to Christmas….as a bonus it saves you time and it doesn’t break the bank!


Creating a beautiful tablescape does not have to complicated or expensive. There are so many ways to make them fun and festive. Start by keeping it simple. Use pieces that you have around your home such as china, serving trays and fabric. Bring the winter foliage inside by using, berry branches and pine cones as centerpieces. Use mismatched pieces that compliment your color scheme. If color is your thing, try using colors that are non traditional such as jewel tones and color combinations such as blue and white. Use candles and lots of them. Using them in different heights and scents adds a special ambiance. Get creative, have fun and no time you will have your tables dressed and ready for the holidays.

Merry Christmas!


Published by

Pleshete Bevelle

With over a decade of experience in the hospitality and event industry, Chef Pleshette Bevelle decided it was time to change directions and pursue her passion for cooking. While attending The Culinary Institute of Virginia College she learned how to combine her creativity in design and flair for flavors. This not only allowed her to showcase her catering talents at local charity and corporate events, but also to celebrities! Along with creating and catering breathtaking events of all shapes and sizes, Chef Pleshette also offers catering, personal chef services and private cooking classes. She is the owner of Savory Occasions Catering.

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